VOLTZ Concept

Do you know that? New renewable energy sources cannot be replaced. (Wasteful energy) such as oil, coal, natural gas, shortages Impending to lose the world, energy depletion will make the energy more expensive. The fear that energy will run out of the world and turn expensive, causing people to feel that the energy crisis has to be accelerated, resolved, managed and protected.

Especially cars which is considered an important factor for our daily lives and can’t deny that we all pay fuel for cars each year not quite and cars still cause a lot of environmental pollution both smoke from exhaust and noise pollution.

As mentioned above, VOLTZ team wants to participate in driving the use of clean energy for the environment. Which the whole world is awake and began campaigning for use "Electric cars" because electric power can use alternative energy to generate electricity and coupled with financial innovations that are changing to a cashless society. To create a clean society and should continue in the future.

Getting to know the alternative energy that can be used to generate electricity

- Solar Energy: It is clean energy. No environmental impact suitable for areas where the transmission line cannot reach and can be used without day. Easy to maintain but there are limitations at the high cost use a lot of installation space. Uneven production causing lack of continuity due to the daytime sunlight which may not occur at night therefore resulting in less production capacity

- Waste energy (Biomass): is a solid waste that has been through various processes such as the separation of materials that burn out. Tearing or cutting off solid waste into small pieces. The waste of this fuel will give higher heat or have a better fuel property than using directly collected waste because it has more chemical and physical elements. The advantages of fuel waste are high heat. Easy to store, transport, manage. Including low environmental impact. We can use the waste fuel to be useful, such as direct heating, electricity production as fuel for vehicles.

- Hydro power: is an energy that takes advantage of the flow of water to convert electricity into machinery. Which is now widely used for centuries such as the use of water turbines which is currently being used more effectively.

- Wind Power: is clean energy that has no environmental impact and can be used infinity. The limitations of wind power are difficult to find suitable areas. Wind power is not continuous with a relatively high cost has low production capacity due to the uncertainty of the wind therefore causing uneven production.

- Geothermal Energy: The advantage is clean energy with no environmental impact and can be used infinity but still has limitations in terms of high cost and can produce only potential production sources. Proportion of energy sources is a good balance of electrical energy but the energy in those proportions can also be used to replace the main energy or can be used to circulate that is another option to help maximize energy use. And can be a part of promoting energy management for us to have sustainable electrical energy as well